Tuesday, October 31, 2017

802.11ac Wireless Router - Fastest Router in 2017 for Internet Connection in Your Home

What is 802.11ac Wireless Router?

When we find a best router we need to check the speed. So how to check the speed of a router? It's easy if you see the text note that router is 802.11ac router mean that it is a fastest for now in 2017. So we recommend 802.11ac router is a fastest router that you can truth for your Internet connection in your home or office. Quality and signal are very strong. Enjoy with the high speed connection at home.

More tech resource:
- https://www.lifewire.com/802-11ac-wi-fi-wireless-routers-818077
- https://plus.google.com/+10techy

Friday, May 5, 2017

How to Install Fast Internet at Home?

Fast Internet Tips:

Now day nearly all of home in town have Internet connection. And the speed also we can say super fast right now. While some people can play Game online and live video to their social easily. That's some people always say that our new generation life can't live without online connection.

In the past, Internet speed is the main concern for connection that give a bad user experience to wait a long minute to send out 1 email or need to wait a whole night to download a big file. :) But right now, Internet speed isn't a matter any more. 

 Click on image to see many best routers!

While Internet speed is super fast, your modem & router need to be update to a super fast router as well. So we still have only the problem with router. And how to choose a best router to push your Internet speed? If we have best router, we will can access to the high speed Internet.

It's no problem guys to find the best routers! I just found a list of a lot of great routers that we can keep it as a resource to select a best router for the new generation in 2017 technology era. Click on this link https://10techy.com/best-wireless-routers/ to go to that resource page and choose a best router that feed your speed needed.

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